# Casino Bonus As the name suggests, this is an e-version of the brick-and-mortar casinos all around the globe. This is a copious stage for online betting and gambling. These platforms work effortlessly and present increased payback percentage for the odds. More often than not, they seem to be the better choice when an individual wants to get into gambling from the comfort of his/her settee. Depending on the games that are hosted on these virtual casinos, the odds and paybacks vary. Websites which operate primarily on SLOT machine games tend to offer higher returns for them rather than board based or card based games. There are many online betting platforms which empower players to play and wager on numerous games and spoil the user for a choice. There are a plethora of avenues offered for playing. Players can register themselves directly from the Casino online website, and start placing odds on the games of their choice. The obvious benefit is that the player can connect to the site at a time and place of convenience. With minimal clicks and straightforward navigation, the player is directed and connected to one of the millions of games that are continuously hosted on servers. Of late, clubs and casinos are coming up with their own downloadable version of the software which a player can download on their personal computers, laptops or even smartphones. They operate faster than their web-based counterparts since the audio and graphics programs are already downloaded, against the web-based ones required being loaded from the Internet, every time. This reinforces the addiction to gambling as the player can visualise the game happening on a real-time basis. Before making a final decision one should understand the pros and cons of a casino game. ## Bonuses and Free Money to Play with The terms and conditions have to read as you have to careful whatever clauses mentioned if not followed may turn out to be your bad. Free money is given to players who register for the first time, this to get the players to get going and play, by the time they are out of money, they would have got hooked and would put in their own money. But a welcome bonus is only given after it meets the wagering requirements. A free play bonus is also offered as a gift to the first timers who have visited their playing site, but it has to be used within a specified period. If you play well enough the earnings could be exchanged for real money. All in all, as discussed all the offers seem mouthwatering, and you may fall head-on into playing, but with a calm head, it is better to think over-read the terms and conditions in the offer documents and strategies how you could use the offers to your benefit and make the most out of it. Here it is better to tread cautiously if you are first time player. Don't go for higher stakes if you are not familiar with the wagering process.